What’s MOBY?

What is the difference in seeing a product online or window shopping in mall, and then actually buying it ? We believe it is simply ‘the touch and feel experience “ which if present converts to a sale. Our consumers today don’t have the time to listen and understand the brand communication, so we decided to make them listen to you and then prove it to you, that this brand recall is there to stay.

Moby is the new age Experiential marketing and activation app that will bring the consumer to experience your product in a retail and real environment. It is the new mantra for advertisers to bring the brand and consumers in conversation with each other while experiencing your product live – Touch . Feel .smell . Hear . Taste .

We are an OMNI channel advertisement platform. With Moby, you get the online audience to interact in the physical space with your product.

Who Are We

Confucius Said  “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand”.

Does this seem to echo what we are being told today about customer experience? Confucius seems to be telling us that the best way to engage with a consumer is to involve him or her in some way instead of just trying to spread a message. Let’s look at how each part of this comment is relevant to creating a successful campaign.

“Tell me and I will forget” – Our messages don’t “stick”

We craft what we think is a strong message, and we sometimes personalize it in some way by embedding a consumer’s first name Our target consumer may read that message, but will it “stick”? Probably not. How long will the recipient recall that message? Perhaps a few minutes.

“Show me and I may remember” – Multimedia helps retention

We can layer our content with video, images, and descriptive text to enhance message effectiveness. Nowadays, creativity has become a key element of any campaign. But wait a minute—will a nice image or a funny video inspire customer engagement? To have any hope of converting a customer, our marketing messages have to foster a long-term relationship, based on trust and loyalty. Emotional pain points often motivate people to action. But to be successful at building brand loyalty, we’ve got to get our audience involved!

“Involve me and I will understand” – The ultimate connection

What we want to do is create a relationship that extends beyond a simple visual. We want to make our customers feel invested in the relationship that, that beings with a physical interaction. So bringing in new potential customer from the online environment to physically connect and understand our product, brand and values is the real difference. 

Remember after your exams you could recall a question and your answer to it for years, guess what it still works if you can imprint your product / brand experience through a short thoughtfully planned quiz which can only be answered when physically in touch with your product / brand, and that is what we DO.

Benefits to Brands

  • 90% audience engagement guaranteed by instantaneous gratification!

  • You get new prospective customers with full details to re-market. These are people who know exactly what you wanted them to know of your product.

  • Your advertising budget is always secure with you in your own E-wallet escrow account and spent only when your advertisement performs.

  • Advertise in the online space to as many and pay only REAL results in the physical space.

  • Segregate your audience with filters, reducing spillage.

  • 100% completely measured product engagement on our app, MOBY.

How does it work?

Moby Rewards your customer with something Special that the Customer has always wanted! Using this we are able to channel 100% audience to your Store. While marketing Apps today offer mainly Discounts and Cash backs to entice an audience, we don’t use these methods as they require a secondary engagement…. We are disruptive!

We use the only OMNI CHANNEL PLATFORM available today, to ENGAGE your AUDIENCE with YOUR PRODUCT in the SAME LOCATION, this is how we do it –

  • We advertise in ANY AREA THAT YOU WANT, only it is not on an expensive hoarding, BUT on your TARGET AUDIENCE’S PHONE.

  • We place adverts only when audience is In the vicinity to physically interact and Engage with your products, without causing any inconvenience to them.

  • You can ask them to TRY / TASTE / FEEL / BUY / QUIZ. Anything under the sun, and we guarantee they will do it, with limits on the actual buying decision obviously.